Some of Our Personal Trainers

Ed King


  • Personal – Onsite
  • Personal – Virtual
  • Boxing

Ed King is certified by the United States Sports Academy. He is a Professional Member of the following accredited health and fitness associations:

National Strength & Conditioning Association
National Physique Committee
United States Drug-Free Power Lifting Association Referee – State and National
Lake Erie Association of USA boxing.

“Personal Training is one of the most effective ways to achieve your fitness goals. Individuals of all fitness levels can benefit from working with a personal trainer, from the beginning exerciser to the experienced athlete.”

More about Edwin King...

In 1987 Ed and Frank opened Kings Gym. Ed has promoted numerous state, national and world drug-free power lifting competitions. Ed is also the manager of professional boxer Vonda Ward, IBA and WBC Heavy Weight Champion. Through the years, Ed has participated in several bodybuilding and power lifting competitions.

Professional Member of the following accredited health and fitness associations:

  • Graduate of The University of Akron, Degree in Management
  • Certified by the United States Sports Academy
  • NPC Judge
  • Top 100 Personal Trainers in America Men’s Journal
  • USA Boxing Judge and Referee Level 2
  • President of Lake Erie Association of USA Boxing
  • Promoter of USA Boxing Shows

Kings Gym
  • 1988 | NPC Mr. Midwestern Bodybuilding Champion lightweight
  • 1990 | NPC Mr. Buckeye Bodybuilding Champion lightweight
  • 1998 | USAPL Drug Free Bench Press Nationals Second Place
  • 2000 | USAPL Drug Free State Power Lifting Champion

Frank King


  • Personal

Frank King is certified by the United States Sports Academy. Frank is a professional member of the following accredited health and fitness associations:

National Strength & Conditioning Association
State and National Referee for the USAPL
Custom Fitness Equipment installations
Firefighter and EMT with the Chagrin Falls Fire Department.

Vonda Ward

  • Personal
  • Boxing

Vonda Ward is a certified personal trainer. Winning the IBA (International Boxing Association) and WBC Heavyweight Title is just one of Ward’s professional athletic accomplishments.

More about Vonda Ward ...

Vonda is one of many accomplished trainers at Kings Gym. Vonda has experience at some of the highest levels possible for athletes. That experience includes playing Division I basketball at the University of Tennessee for Pat Summit and an incredible boxing career where she achieved the IBA World Heavyweight title. Vonda had a record of 23 and 1 while competitively boxing. More information on her boxing career can be found on You can also check out Vonda on wikipedia or read about one of her trainees success stories.

Professional Member of the following accredited health and fitness associations:

  • Graduate of The University of Tennessee
  • Ms. Basketball of Ohio (2x)
  • USA Basketball Member
  • IBA World Heavyweight Champion

Andrew Clarke

  • Personal
  • Weightlifting

Andrew Clarke been a certified trainer since 2002. Andrew brings over 20 years of experience in strength training and has helped his clients consistently achieve the results they are looking for through weight loss as well as weight gain. Andrew motivates his clients through his unique training style.

Keith Fairchild

  • Personal
  • Weightlifting
  • Boxing

Competitive Boxer, USA Boxing Certified Trainer, and ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer. Keith’s first love is boxing and he can offer a variety of boxing training programs for all skill and fitness levels. Keith also offers weight training programs. Whether you want to learn to box or just get in shape, Keith works with all ages and skill levels and will customize workouts that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Keith can also accommodate groups! Ask about new clients and group discounts. Schedule your first session today!

Matt Terlop

  • Personal

Matt Terlop been in the fitness world since 1983. Matt began studying martial arts as a child and continued disciplined study, which culminated in being selected as a member of the elite 1995 United States Kung-Fu Team. Matt has been a local, state, regional, and national champion as well as a top ten internationally ranked competitor.

Michelle Csismatia

  • Personal

Michelle graduated from the National Personal Training Institute in July 2006 and is certified by the National Certification group NPTI. She is also certified as a Nutrition Specialist through the American Association of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionists (AASDN). Michelle became a Certified Flexband Instructor in October 2007 and received her Spinning Instructor Certification in January 2008. Michelle is an experienced Group Training Instructor and has worked extensively with teens, adults, and senior citizens. One group that Michelle is especially adept at training is women who are peri, post, and menopausal. The training involves techniques to regulate hormones that cause excess fat to build up in the abdominal region.

Robert A. Francis Jr.

  • Boxing

Robert began his study of Martial Arts at the age of 16. His studies include the arts of Praying Mantis, Kung Fu, Ta Kwon Do, and Shao-lin Kung Fu. Robert’s outstanding ring accomplishments are as follows:

  • 1973 Light-Heavy Weight Ohio Champion
  • 1979 Light-Heavy Weight PA Champion
  • 1979 Light-Heavy Weight NY second place
  • 1983 Invited to compete at the USA Fighting Champions Tournament
  • 1987 Presented with the Shao-Lin Cobra Student Award
  • 1991 Presented with the Lifetime Fighting Championship Award by the Chinese Martial Arts Federation
  • 1999 Light-Heavy Weight NY Champion
  • 2000 Light-Heavy Weight NY Champion

Robert retired in 1988 with a competitive fighting record of 54 wins and 4 losses. Soon after Robert became a Personal Trainer at Kings Gym (TNT Fitness). When the Kings Gym Boxing Club opened in 2008, Robert became the Head Coach of the Boxing Program. He is a certified coach through USA Boxing. Robert teaches many boxing classes throughout the week as well as has many One on One students he personally trains in the sport of Boxing. He also trains numerous athletes who compete in USA Boxing events throughout Northeast Ohio.

Will Riddick

  • Personal
  • Weightlifting

With over 20 years of training experience, Will Riddick has been nationally certified by ASFA, (American Sports & Fitness Association) and has been a Fitness Professional since June of 2000. WILL POWER PERSONAL TRAINING opened its doors in Cleveland, Ohio January 2005 and has been helping clients change their lives every since. Will Riddick has served as a football coach for the many football leagues as well as the semi-pro league here in Cleveland. Will played football and ran track in Elizabeth City, North Carolina for Northeastern High School. For all of his hard work and dedication Will was awarded a scholarship to attend Fayetteville State University in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He actually turned it down and pursued a career in the U.S. Armed Forces. Will Riddick served 12 years in The United States Army and is also a Decorated Desert Storm War Veteran. Coach Will Riddick feels that Fitness is the cornerstone to overall Health and Wellness and that getting fit is the first step to a new and healthy lifestyle.

On-Site Physical Therapy

(330) 231-0987
Fax: (440) 306-5499

Dr. James Yoder PT, DPT

Orthopedics/Sports Medicine Specialist

We help active people alleviate pain, overcome injury, and perform better physically.  We partner with Kings Gym to provide individualized physical therapy treatment conveniently in a gym setting. 

Our focus is on being easily accessible so that we can help you solve your pain or movement problems safely in an efficient manner.  We work intimately with your coaches, personal trainers, and other doctors to provide a comprehensive plan of care individualized for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

    No, in Ohio you can see a Doctor of Physical Therapy without having to get a script from a physician.
    Yes, we work with all health insurance.  We accept Medicare and work with all other health insurances on an Out-of-Network basis.  This insurance reimbursement model allows us to spend more time with patients and help them achieve their rehab goals much more quickly. The out-of-pocket cost each patient pays will be dependent on their deductible and the % that their insurance covers.


Loved coming here for the 2 months I was in Cleveland. Awesome, clean facility and one of my favorite boxing gyms I’ve trained at. The coaches are kind and knowledgeable. It has a real community atmosphere where all levels of skill are welcome.
Very reasonably priced and straightforward payment as well. No complicated contract or getting locked into anything. All around great gym.

Allison Blouin
August 2023

Ed and Frank King have created a wonderful gym where I have enjoyed working out for over 25 years. Love this place!

Diane Citrino
October 2023

Kings Gym is by far the best gym in Cleveland. I was a member throughout high school, and since I’ve left for college I miss it every day. Nothing compares to Kings. Every summer I’m home I get a membership and love every day I get to come in here. Kings forever!

Justin Flamm
May 2023