Boot Camp

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Boot Camp

Boot Camp is a unique and authentic course that provides maximum results for all participants at any fitness level. Our highly motivated Instructors guide recruits through intense (modified for all levels of fitness) and rewarding physical training (P.T.), which leads clients to the attainment of their fitness goals.

All recruits will receive fitness and nutritional instruction and pre and post-fitness assessment tests. The Group will bond as a team through the 6 or 8-week course. Your Group will benefit from this in numerous ways. You will appreciate your health and well-being benefits and be more focused, team-oriented, motivated, and stress-free. These benefits will lower healthcare costs for you and your company and supplement any current employee wellness program. With our onsite recruitment program conducted by official Boot Camp Instructors, we help you or your company achieve maximum participation.

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This method of training is used in the United States armed forces and elite law enforcement agencies worldwide. Boot Camp will bring the excitement and authenticity of this proven result-producing structure to your company.

Group Exercise Classes


Kings Gym offers group exercises as another way to improve your health and have some fun. Group exercises include Boxing, Muay Thai, Sports Specific, Woman’s Self Defense, and various boot camps.

Check out the class schedule section below to find a time that fits best for you.

Self Defense

More than ever people need to learn how to avoid violent encounters. Where these encounters are unavoidable, dealing with attackers quickly and effectively, and allowing safe escape is vital! While many aspects of this program are focused on women, they can easily be adapted for men’s and kids’ self-defense classes.

Key elements

How do I best avoid an attack?
The mental aspect (awareness, avoidance, toughness)

How do I escape safely if attacked?
Evasive footwork and body movement

If attacked how do I defend against it?
Blocking a striking or grabbing attack

What are my most efficient strikes against a larger, stronger attacker so that I can escape?
Effective striking with all body parts and how to generate striking power

If grabbed, how do I escape?
Hold breaks and ground defense

Self Defense Instructor

Matt Terlop

Classes start every six weeks.

Group Classes Schedule

No gym membership is required to join!
Schedule as of November 9, 2023


Xtreme Hip Hop
6-7 pm
Xtreme Hip Hop
7:15-8:15 pm


No Classes


Xtreme Hip Hop
6-7 pm


Xtreme Hip Hop
6-7 pm


No Classes


Xtreme Hip Hop
11:30 am-12:30 pm


No Classes

Class Instructors

Xtreme Hip-Hop

Justin Partlow
(440) 864-2686

Women’s Self-Defense

Matt Terlop
(216) 401-0276

Sports-Specific Training Camps

Group Personal Training

Michelle Csismatia
(440) 220-2031

Matt’s Boot Camp

Matt Terlop
(216) 401-0276


Loved coming here for the 2 months I was in Cleveland. Awesome, clean facility and one of my favorite boxing gyms I’ve trained at. The coaches are kind and knowledgeable. It has a real community atmosphere where all levels of skill are welcome.
Very reasonably priced and straightforward payment as well. No complicated contract or getting locked into anything. All around great gym.

Allison Blouin
August 2023

Ed and Frank King have created a wonderful gym where I have enjoyed working out for over 25 years. Love this place!

Diane Citrino
October 2023

Kings Gym is by far the best gym in Cleveland. I was a member throughout high school, and since I’ve left for college I miss it every day. Nothing compares to Kings. Every summer I’m home I get a membership and love every day I get to come in here. Kings forever!

Justin Flamm
May 2023